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Reporting to the head of the Resources & Knowledge department at TOROW, your role is to support the company's growth as a Resources & Knowledge Recruiter on the following activities:

● Recruitment:

· Identifying candidates on various job boards

· Writing job advertisements and posting them on job boards

· Managing candidate applications and identifying exceptional candidates

· Conducting interviews independently and identifying key skills and areas of attention for a consultant

· Managing your pool of candidates (providing feedback, etc.) and promoting candidates to Business Engineers based on active needs

● Management:

· Ensuring the follow-up of a candidate from their first exchange until their integration into the TOROW team

· Supporting and accompanying consultants from their integration and throughout their career, ensuring their development and well-being at TOROW

● R&K projects:

· Contributing to the development of employee monitoring and support processes (e.g., career plan, training, integration, etc.)

· Contributing to the R&K strategy

Your profile

Holding a higher education degree (MA or equivalent) specializing in Human Resources, you have previous experience in a similar position (internship or first permanent contract). You have excellent communication skills and are convincing. You also have good listening skills and analytical ability. You are a team player and know how to gain the trust of your colleagues to better support them. You are an ambitious person who is not afraid to make proposals for R&K processes.


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